Plant Apothecary - Ritual Salt Soaks


Plant Apothecary - Ritual Salt Soaks


Plant Folk Apothecary has created luxurious, one-of-a-kind, sacred ritual soaking salts. Adding soaking salts to a bath is a cleansing and purifying ritual that renews your entire being. Salts and plants infused into your bath water aid in drawing out that which is unneeded within your body and your spirit, while soothing sore muscles and joints. 

Each 10oz glass jar is jam-packed with mineral salts and other wild ingredients to create a unique bathing experience. 

Wood Fired Bath - This purifying blend creates an ultra-therapeutic bathing experience, inspired by the healing waters of an outdoor wood fired cedar tub. Ingredients: mineral salts with the addition of activated charcoal, black lava salt, locally wildcrafted pinyon, and alder-smoked sea salt.

The Flower Bath - This beautiful blend helps connect us to the healing magic and beauty of the flowers. This aromatic floral ritual soak may be used anytime in honor, connection and devotion to our flowering friends. Ingredients: pink Himalayan and Hawaiian red algae salts, homegrown cornflower, calendula, and hibiscus, lovingly wildcrafted New Mexico wild rose petals, and jasmine flowers. Scented with divine orange blossom, rose otto absolute, clary sage, jasmine and vanilla bean.

Sea of Love - This deeply relaxing and subtly tropical blend of pacific sea and pink Himalayan salt was created in honor of the healing power of the earth's salt waters. Ingredients: mineral salts with lemongrass and blue chamomile essential oils, vanilla bean critical extract and vanilla bean-infused coconut oil and steamed and distilled essential oils. 

Directions for Use: Add a few scoops to the hot bath, and soak as long as you like.


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