URB Apothecary Baby Balm

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URB Apothecary Baby Balm


URB Apothecary's Baby Balm is healing and soothing to irritated, cracked, painful dry skin of mother's, father's, sister's and brother's, and works amazingly for baby's DIAPER RASH! Non toxic so it is compatible with super sensitive skin.


Organic sunflower oil is solar infused for 4-6 weeks with organic calendula, organic chamomile, organic hops, and organic lavender flowers creating a powerful yet gentle anti-bacterial base oil

INGREDIENTS // Sunflower oill* infused w/ calendula flowers*, lavender flowers*, chamomile flowers*, & hops; shea butter*, beeswax*, lavender essential oil*, German chamomile essential oil*, vitamin e (non-gmo), and good energy.

*organic ingredients

TO USE scoop out a small amount of the balm (a little goes a long way!), warm it up in your hands and apply to problem areas.

>>>All ingredients are CLOTH DIAPER SAFE!<<<

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