Get to know our in-house jeweler Monique Peterson

Monique Peterson graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in Metals in 2013. She has been the in-house jeweler for over 5 years, creating all of the Moon + Arrow brand jewelry, including the new Fall/Winter '18 line "Moving Parts". Learn more about her + her process here!

Monique Peterson

  • You have new collection launching on September 28th. How would you describe this collection in four words?
  • Movement, kinetic, gravity, suspension

  • What were the inspirational elements that went into making this new fall collection?
  • I began with focusing on the materials, primarily the vintage African beads that were used in this line. I wanted to use them in a way that felt more elevated and unexpected rather than stringing beads as they are usually done. This inspired the idea of creating movement yet also suspending it.  I started looking at mobile artist's works such as Bruno Munari’s “Useless Machines” and of course the one and only Alexander Calder to draw inspiration.
    Bruno Munari
  • What is the process that you go through before actually making the jewelry?
  • Sketching! Lots of sketching. Looking at more inspirational works by the artists mentioned above. And then I start making samples of ideas that slowly evolve into their ~ final form ~

  • How does this collection differ from everything else you have previously made?
  • It is a significant break away from the previous collection I made, which was all flat shapes. Using wire was informed by the use of beads, but I was also excited to stop using metal sheet so much.

  • What is your favorite or most interesting piece in the new collection?
  • Idle Gesture Earrings! They’re so fun and different from what I usually make for the shop. They come in 2 different color combos, my fave is the silver wire with black & red beads. I love that each pair is slightly different too.

    Idle Gesture Earrings Silver

  • Where can someone buy your collection?
  • You can get the new collection at our shop in Queen Village or online, shipped nationwide! Our presale is now live here and the official release will be September 28th with a special in-store launch event. If you’re interested in carrying the line in your shop, please email to place an order.

  • What are things we can watch out for in the future coming from you? Any creative directions you would like to explore?
  • Workshops! I just started teaching jewelry classes here at my studio in the shop and will be teaching many, many more! Maybe even one inspired by this line.

  • And finally, aside from jewelry making which other creative endeavors do you enjoy?
  • I love making clothing, weaving, and drawing.

    Find Monique on Instagram at @moesqueak or @moniquedufresnejewelry

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