Meet photographer Bridget Carhart

Bridget has been a part of the M+A team for just over a year now, and works primarily at our super cute children's shop, Little Moon + Arrow as the most beloved shop girl. She also photographs all of our products for both websites! Bridget collaborated with Adrianne Gold to create the new lookbook for our Fall '18 jewelry line, "Moving Parts". Learn more about her and her process here!

Tell us your background! School, art, music, influences etc

I received my BFA in photography from University of the Arts. My influences are the people I surround myself with.   

What was your favorite aspect of working on this project - and what proved to be the most challenging?

My favorite part of shooting the fall line for M+A was working with all of the creative people that came together for this project. I also loved experimenting with different types of lighting to create that moody feel we were searching for.  It is the best being on set with new people and allowing yourself to creatively collaborate with one another and I enjoy learning from those experiences. The most challenging part of this project was getting all of the props to the studio to shoot!!

What were the inspirational elements that went into shooting this new fall collection?

For this project we were inspired by the movements of the jewelry and the colors of the fall season. We wanted to capture through the still image the physical transformation of the seasons as well as the jewelry.  We were very inspired by red and orange hues of the fall season that allowed us to create everything moody!

How would you describe your style to someone who had never seen it?

My style is not even style. Jeans + a t-shirt. That's all this girl needs.  

Does the style of this shoot differ from previous projects you've worked on?

This style is way different from previous projects I’ve worked on. I am usually outside using natural light rather than in a studio with studio lighting. It was great changing up my practice experimenting with gel lighting to create a moody little world for the Moving Parts project. My personal practice is inspired by water + existence.   

What is your favorite or most interesting piece in the new collection?

My favorite pieces in the Moving Parts collection are the Librae Earrings and the Fertility Necklace. The Librae Earrings remind me of alien spaceships and what is better than aliens?! The Fertility Necklace is so simply poetic and beautiful. I like how the shape of the necklace highlights the human form. I find the Idle Gesture Earrings the most interesting, they are a beautiful object on + off.     


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