Meet stylist + musician Adrianne Gold

Adrianne Gold has been part of the M+A family for about 3 years, she is our go-to girl when wanting to produce creative + unique photos. Adrianne was the brains behind styling our new fall line photoshoot, "Moving Parts". Learn more about her here!

Tell us your background! School, art, music, influences etc

I studied Music Industry at Drexel University. I am forever obsessed with all songs sad + dreamy so it's only fitting that I am calling my new band "Crying In Public" A three piece unashamed of feeling all our feelings! 

What was your favorite aspect of working on this project?

My favorite aspects of working on this project were collaborating with such wonderful, beautiful + creative people as well as CHANCE! I love that although you plan + plan + plan ~ things still surprise you!  

What were the inspirational elements that went into shooting this new fall collection?

Inspirational elements include All Things Moody: Candles, an oversized wine glass, silk, warm Autumnal hues + a red glow. 

Special special thanks to Rare Co Vintage for lending us their STUNNING home goods ✨

How would you describe your style to someone who had never seen it?

Focused/all over the place? Ranging from 70s polyester button downs + bell bottoms to floor length gowns. I tend to have a flair for the dramatic. I enjoy being over the top in a delicate way!

Does the style of this shoot differ from previous projects you've worked on?

I style my own band photoshoots and things for the M+A instagram but other than that I am quite new to it! I really enjoy working with people and the seasonal theme of this collection as well as the one last Spring.

What is your favorite or most interesting piece in the new collection?



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