Our Favorite CBD Ritual Medicinals

With so much of our lives spent turned on and tuned in, we try our best to carve out time to slow down, be present and practice self-care —  whether it's in the form of meditation, tea ritual, massage, workshops, yoga or spending time with family and friends or in nature. One thing all of us in the shop find is that a common ally for most of our self-care practices are plants. We cleanse our spaces with sage, drink organic, and treat ourselves to herbal tea blends. Lately we mix in the the magical phytocannabinoid, non-intoxicating, medicine that is organic CBD oil, derived from the magnificent Hemp plant.  

CBD is Cannabidiol from the cannabis plant that has been used as healing medicine for thousands of years. CBD is an extraction of this, with removed other plant matter, that leaves a potent, amplified medicine without the psychotropic effects of it's sister THC.

CBD is known to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, anxiety, ease you into sleep, reduce and manage stress response, boost your immune system, mood, affect your appetite and promote overall well-being in a nourishing and supportive way.

With laws changing around cannabis, and scientists, bloggers, practitioners, and ourselves, singing the praises of the non-psychoactive benefits of CBD, the market has been flooded with various types of legal (please see your state's guidelines before purchasing) products, some of which, unfortunately, are not high-quality and can be full of pesticides, etc. 
When choosing which CBD products to offer in our shop, we had to make sure the brands/ companies were transparent and that their ethos aligned with ours. The lines these companies hand-crafted had to be made up of full-spectrum, authentic, and high-quality products that were potent and pesticide, solvent, additive and nasty-chemical free. Pure phytocannabinoids.

We are happy to feature this carefully curated selection of CBD products in-store and includes:

Rosebud CBD - Sun-grown, organic flowering hemp from Oregon. Each product contains a high concentration of CBD and MCT-oil for faster, more efficient delivery throughout the body.
Rosebud CBD Oil is raising industry standards through a direct relationship with their farmers. From farm to doorstep, Rosebud personally guarantees their quality and potency through 3rd party lab testing.

DRAM Apothecary - All of DRAM's products are either wildly foraged or organically grown in Colorado. Their CBD line is made with a sparkling water base.

Bouquet CBD - Philadelphia based brand partnered with a group in Colorado that uses a proprietary water-based extraction method.

Leef - Organic and Non-GMO from seed to soil to finished product, sun-grown in California.

We also want to highlight a beautiful vegan Cypress CBD Restorative Bath Soak by shop favorite Daughter of the Land
With 10mg of CBD per bath soak serving, the essential oil blend is intended to promote muscle and mind relaxation. Scent + Feeling: forest fresh, clean, relaxing, a Pacific NW wonderland

While we don't make medical claims, our personal experiences and trials with these products have resulted in good feelings, sleep, and management of anxiety and stress. 

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