Tasha Goldberg - Beloved Shop Tarot Reader and United Nations Reporter

Tasha Goldberg is a true woman of the world. A Pennsylvania native, she has also planted deep roots in Hawaii and does a lot of traveling for her career in reporting and education on sustainability and the environment.

Jessica met Tasha at a woman's circle, a few years back, held by Joanne Ameya of @woman.rising and immediately felt conncected to her. After a reading and some time spent together they became friends and Jessica brought her into Moon + Arrow, where she quickly became part of our family, and started to offer readings to our community.

We thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A with Tasha, to learn and share more about her and her journey.

Please tell us a little more about your journey with Tarot?

I am really lucky because my momma is magical. She gifted me my first deck of tarot cards when I was 15 years old ….. the Motherpeace deck, the same deck I use now. The gift was so special because she gave me a tool for self-reflection. Especially at that precious age, when we are moving through who we are told we are and becoming who we want to be, this was everything. I remember spending hours alone reading through the pages of the books, reading my cards and looking up the meanings. Learning to read patterns, colors, numbers, symbols. I began to realize that this was a type of meditation, a way to practice observation and reflection. Soon, I started to see the same symbols, colors and numbers in my life, off the deck. And realized that there is always an option to observe, to reflect, and to derive meaning. 

How do apply tarot to your everyday?

I have a traveling altar and I always have my deck with me. Aside from pulling cards from myself and for others, I use the cards to hold space for the energy I feel I want to access. For example, when I am working through an element of myself, I will use the card and symbols to stay on my altar and sort of continue to teach me. I often like to keep the Magician card out, I just love her. I love the way she is accessing the tools and resources around her to create the world she lives in. 

 You travel a lot for work reporting on the environment, can you tell us more about what you do?

I am a reporter for the United Nations, specifically covering negotiations on sustainable development. This includes written reports as well as producing video content. The work involves a lot of travel, and as much as possible I stick around when I am visiting somewhere new. It is incredible how much love and beauty there is in this world, how often people would like to share with you than not. I have begun a video series to document these experiences, highlighting the humanness of values that we all share. This really has my heart. It is exciting to share stories about people adapting to global challenges and creating beautiful evidence of hope. 

It's amazing how connected we all are and that connection, love, passion and beauty can transcend language at times. It's important to travel and see the world and contrasting landscapes to see that real heart and soul connection we as humans have.

What are small changes every day that you feel people can do to help support the environment and live a more sustainable life?

One of the things I am working on is moving into a plastic free reality, It is amazing how much of our daily lives involves the use of plastics, and how many of those things can be avoided. So, I started with avoiding plastic straws. It can be a hard to remember to ask for no straw before the drink comes! Now that I am pretty good with that one, it is about first noticing where I am using plastic and then figuring out the alternative. From dry-cleaning to food and groceries, there is a lot of plastic being used. This is a problem that we share with the world, and one that when we exercise our will, we can absolutely make an end to plastic pollution. We can do this, if we are aware.

We try to reduce our use of plastics every day, at home and while traveling. Whether it's through more sustainable practices like bringing our own reuseable containers, bags, jars, etc or also by gently educating our community through carrying timeless, sustainable products that support this lifestyle. Some of the changes can be difficult but others, we believe, are easy and just take a bit of mindfulness. 

What are your favorite mindfulness/meditative practices when traveling?

I practice yoga nidra, it is my constant and favorite. I have recordings of myself doing variations of the guided practice. There is something very empowering about rotating my consciousness throughout my whole being….rather than remaining cerebral in the world,  which is so easy. And I love the intellect, but it is important for balance, especially for me, to ground into the entire body … feel my body, my heart… all of the parts of me and wholeness of who I am. The practice has also taught me to use the information I gather by circulating my consciousness to then be able to build energy, move energy or release energy. Again, we are capable of so much when we are aware.

We agree. Awareness is a great place for anyone to start, with any practice, so that you can be more in the 'knowing' as you move into action with intention. The intention is what makes the action, as you move into it, infinitely more powerful. 

We love that you refer to Tarot as a meditation, and pathway to knowing. We are // I am especially grateful for you and your sharing of your experience with tarot to help others connect to their own inner wisdom.

Tasha will be returning to Moon + Arrow for new year readings, after some time spent working abroad, this Saturday, January 12th, from 12pm-close.
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