Celebrating the Summer Sun | July Edition

EACH MONTH MOVING FORWARD WE WILL BE HIGHLIGHTING CONTENT AND NEWS SO THAT YOU CAN STAY 'IN THE KNOW' OF WHAT IS GOING ON AT Little M + A EACH MONTH. *Be sure to checkout the events page to see what fun classes and workshops we are hosting as well.

Maker of the Month: Ostheimer Toys

Discover a world of play with our full selection of Ostheimer's family and animal figures! Ostheimer's handcrafted wooden figures have been loved by children and their parents for more than fifty years, and the collection of toys continues to expand! We know of few toys that have so great an ability to engage and encourage a child's imagination. Their selection includes farm animals, family figures, woodland and zoo animals, fairy tale and castle characters, Nativity figures and scenery pieces that bring imagined worlds to life! 
"If we give children the space to use their imaginations while still children, they will be able to deal much more creatively with the reality that surrounds them -- more creatively than if from the outset they live in a world of toys that provide them everything in perfect detail." Ostheimer.

July 4th Little Moon + Arrow is CLOSED 
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July 26th
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Thank you to our community for supporting the Summer Solstice reading of Being Edie is Hard Today that happened on June 22nd at Little Moon and Arrow. 
Thank you so much to Elizabeth Bergeland for participating in our event and sharing this beautiful story with our community. Being Edie is Hard Today is available in our shop on 4th street.

Upcoming Events

We host a wide range of events to bring the community together for art, sales, and classes taught by some of our incredibly talented friends.

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