Ula Rosemary Mist


Rosemary Mist works beautifully to balance oily skin types, tighten pores and revitalize the skin. A powerful aromatherapy ally for 'the blues', rosemary is energizing and brightens our senses and mental clarity.  

These botanical skin tonic mists work beautifully with serums to lock in moisture and keep the skin protected and healthy. We like to use them throughout the day for a quick pick me up and instant moisture boost.

Through the alchemical art of steam distillation, the healing aspects of these plants are gathered and the result is a superb aromatic skin tonic that cleanses, tones and hydrates.  These vitamin and antioxidant-rich botanical waters (also called hydrosols) keep your skin glowing and balanced. They encourage cell regeneration, and support the natural PH of the skin which improves overall skin health. They also contain powerful aromatherapeutic effects that help to support our nervous system and transform our mood and energetic space.

Ula is an artisan apothecary that creates skin and body care essentials for daily self ritual.  Ula is a meditation on plant alchemy,  based on traditional herbal wisdom and inspired by ancient healing practices. 

All of Ula's products are carefully made by hand in their studio on Orcas Island. Their formulas are soothing harmonizers, blended for a truly holistic experience to stimulate our body's own healing capacity and align us in wellbeing.

2oz glass bottle with a mister top. Please keep this product out of direct sunlight and heat to maintain potency.

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