Wild Yonder Rose is a Rose Face Scrub


2 face scrubs inside each packet!

First experience aromatic exfoliation then allow resting for infusion treatment.


A multi-sensory botanical self-care experience connecting you with the plant kingdom.


Why they blended it:

Rose is believed to balance both body and mind -a high vibrational plant for healing

Rosehip is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids for skin-loving

Lucuma is loaded with beta-caroten (vitamin A) super supportive of collagen and elastin



A blend of fine sea salt, organic lucuma powder, rose absolute Morroco, rose geranium, rosehip oil, and bio-dynamic honey.


Enough for two masks.


At first an experience of exfoliation, then an infusion treatment. Mix one sachet into palm of hand or dish, mix with a little tepid water, enough to make it spreadable :) Gently massage into skin, let rest five minutes, rinse and pat dry.

(rose is a rose face glow is not pictured but the same packaging!) 

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