Nade Beret


Our favorite fall and winter accessory is back! Brighten up your winter with Nade's Berets! These beautiful berets are naturally dyed with plants. These retro hued hats are a perfect addition to your slow fashion wardrobe. The berets take 4-6 days to make. Each NADE tag informs you what plant was used to create the color of the piece and how long it took to make.  

Made of 100% wool, the NADE beret are playful accessories that use plants and food waste to recreate retro hues. One size fits most. 100% wool. 

PLEASE NOTE: Naturally Dyed items are LIVING COLOR - they can display variation in hue and spots & saturation in color in one piece. It is a testament to natural dyeing and the handmade narrative. Each one is unique and a one of a kind! 

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