Nade Silk Naturally Dyed Scrunchie


Made of shimmering 100% mulberry silk, The NÅDE Scrunchie is naturally dyed using botanicals & food waste. It is a true testament to slow fashion & sustainable textiles.


  • 100% Mulberry Silk

  • elastic hair band inside

This product is USA made. It requires 2 days of labor including sewing, preparing the silk for natural dyeing and natural dyeing.

This item is a testament to handmade goods and slow craft. There maybe inconsistencies with the variation in colors from natural dyeing. However it is all those inconsistencies are part of the narrative of slow textiles and intentional goods. Hands made these goods not machines or chemicals.

Peach was dyed with Sandalwood

Coral was dyed with Madder Root

Pale Ochre was dyed with Onion Skins

Lavender was dyed with Logwood

Sky was dyed with Indigo

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