Rosemarine Textiles Silk Organza Plant Dyed Scruncies


Rosemarine scrunchies are made with silk organza and dyed using plant matter and organic materials in Detroit, MI. 

Wraps twice around a ponytail and looks very cute on the wrist as an accessory. 

Measures 6" in diameter. Features a Rosemarine Textiles monogram woven label.

Care information:

Scrunchies can be hand washed using a pH neutral soap in tepid water. Lie flat on a towel or drying rack to dry. If the silk wrinkles, gently steam or hand wash and lie flat or hang dry. We recommend using Dr. Bronner's Castile soap and hanging to dry.

Sustainably Crafted:

Rosemarine utilizes sustainability-conscious practices to limit water usage and fabric waste in their production. They work exclusively with plant dyes and natural fibers that are compostable. Rosemarine Textiles is committed to the sustainable and ethical sourcing of all fabrics, dye materials, and packaging.

Dye Materials:

Charcoal- Pomegranate Rind and Iron

Mauve- Wattle Extract 

Rust- Acacia Wood

Sage- Marigold and Iron

Sand- Chestnut

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