Yahae Alpaca Cable Socks


These ALPACA CABLE PATTERN SOCKS are knitted on an old-style double-cylinder knitting machine using 100% alpaca


We use 100% un-dyed alpaca yarn from Peru.

Alpaca hair has a hollow center in the fiber which makes it very moisturizing and surprisingly warm. In addition, it does not easily pile.

Although alpaca has such excellent characteristics, unfortunately there are some problems in its production. One of the problems is that the number of colored alpacas, such as black and brown, is decreasing. Due to the distribution of chemical dyeing, the demand for white alpaca, which is easier to dye, has increased, while the demand for brown and black alpaca, which are harder to dye, has decreased. However, colored alpaca hair is one of the most sustainable materials, because it can express color without going through the dyeing process that discharges large amounts of sewage. Most importantly, deep natural blacks and browns are hard to find and are the colors we have been looking for many years.

QUALITY | 90% Fine Alpaca, 5% Nylons, 5% Polyurethane

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