Yahae Yak Ribbed Socks


ORGANIC COTTON BLENDED YAK RIBBED SOCKS are knitted on a vintage double-cylinder low-gauge knitting machine. The thick socks are versatile and can be appreciated for its comfort, design, and durability. It is a slightly longer length recommended for business occasions.

About YAK

Soft yak hair from Tibet. The special color is created by blending yak hair with colored organic cotton from the USA. The yak hair used is naturally shed hair. This is one of the reasons we use it in our products as we want to think of the animals. It is in an elegant dark gray, has excellent heat retention, and moisture absorption properties. In addition to being warm, they do not prickle like wool, it is also comfortable and does not pile up. You can wear them all year round, even outside in the fall and winter seasons.

QUALITY | 70% Organic Cotton, 20% Yak, 5% Nylons, 5% Polyurethane

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