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Casa Bosques Chocolate is a project based on the exploration of the history, methods, origins and culture of chocolate.

Building on our foundations of a single origin, bean-to-bar practice, we are constantly experimenting with new techniques in chocolate making. The constant search for rare and unique cacao beans leads us towards purity, intriguing cacao blends and the highest quality raw ingredients available - as well as the chance to encounter local farmers and farming practices, diverse climates, and methods of fermentation. 

Each new approach to the cacao bean informs our practice, invoking the constant discovery of new harmonies in flavours aromas, and textures. By experimenting with herbs and spices, grains, seeds, medicinal plants and insects, Casa Bosques Chocolate surveys a vast pedagogy of international culinary experience in order to recount authentic stories of provenance and taste.

“Each type of Casa Bosques chocolate represents a moment or a place in my life story linked to my own sense of wanderlust. Every time I am somewhere new, I imagine a new chocolate variety to represent that moment, place or emotion. Sometimes that means looking into tradition and experiment with friends and chefs in order to explore and learn from each other.”- Rafael Prieto - Founder.

Hoja Santa 

Choclate, cacao, organic sugar, hoja santa.

Sesame Seed, Cacao Nibs, + Cashew 

The rise, the mount, and the chocolate,
Escalating in its magnitude,
Volcanic eruptions only eventful with ripe renewals of natural calls,
Granite irregularities smoothed by clusters of seeding blossoms,
Crisps of air in the distance offer beginnings,
Melancholic blues in the air,
Daffodils simmering in the earth,
Anticipating viridescent blooms.

Ingredients: black sesame seeds, cacao nibs, cashews, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar.

Toasted Buckwheat 

This chocolate mixes the earthy flavor of toasted buckwheat into a 72% pure and dark Dominican fruity cacao bean, resulting in a wondrously smoky flavor. Casa Bosques celebrates The World of Apartamento with this refined chocolate by paying homage to their beautifully crafted photos and stories from the past decade assembled in one carefully executed book. This single-origin treat honors ten years of rich designs and tasteful curation. Enjoy!

Ingredients: organic cocoa paste, organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic toasted buckwheat.

Pink Peppercorn 

Summer of spices,
Sultry stings,
Seduced by the rising rays of the sun,
Crushed and paired—equilibrium,
Mélange ignited effervescent senses,
Flames roast,
In continuum.

Ingredients: pink peppercorn, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar.


Lovers of the dark,

A break of taste,
Flavorful taste,
Present in its state,
Time in its simplest form,
Formula at its purest.

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic coconut sugar.

Sea Salt 

72% organic single-origin Dark Chocolate 

Cardamom: Ingredients: cardamom leaf, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar.

Sesame: black sesame seeds, cacao nibs, cashews, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar. 

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