Lio + Linn Luna Serving Board


The most beautiful severing boards we ever did see! Handcrafted in Brooklyn by artists Lio + Linn. 

Lio & Linn is a Japanese artisan design duo handcrafting jewelry and metal-art by Masumi Hayashi and woodwork by Ryu Iida in their Brooklyn-based studio. As artists, designers and craftspersons, the pair shares over 10 years experience in the art of metalwork and woodwork.

Their practice honors the process of "thinking with your hands" and embraces fine details, such as those found in art, craft and design.Their metal and woodwork engages the spirit of personal adventure, and experiments with organically inspired materials to fashion fresh forms and evoke curiosity.

Wood: Walnut // Maple

Metal: Brass // Steel

Color: Blackener, Mineral Oil -Food Safe-

Use Blackener for the steel parts, actual colors may vary.

Size: Small 19"L x 6"W x .75" Thickness / Large 24"L x 6.25"W x .75" Thickness.

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