Momofuku Rice Vinegar


Our favorite new pantry item!

Meet Momofuku Rice Vinegar. This organic vinegar is the perfect way to add a zesty dash of acid to salad dressings, soups, fresh seafood, and marinades.

Developed by David Chang and the Momofuku Culinary Lab, this Rice Vinegar is restaurant-tested and the result of years of research to create the vinegar of our dreams. Momofuku put time into every step of the process: sourcing a proprietary blend of rice, fermenting it and aging it until it meets our standards. The result: an unfiltered vinegar with full-on Momofuku-level flavor that ends in a bright, crisp, citrus finish. 

You've never tasted anything like this before. 

Gluten Free-Organic-Made in USA

*sold individually 

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