Emilie Shapiro Peace Sign Pendant


The sweetest peace sign pendant with an organic feel in recycled 14k yellow gold handcrafted by artist Emilie Shapiro. 

Emilie Shapiro's motto is inspired by the inspiration that comes from rough gemstones, natural textures, or artistic techniques that show evidence of the hand. Shapiro hopes the wearers of her jewelry see a reflection of themselves in the work, celebrating both imperfections and natural beauty. This jewelry studio is extremely passionate about sustainability both inside the studio and within their everyday lives. All of this jewelry is made in their NYC studio. All of the metal is 100% recycled and aim to have as little waste as possible by sending metal scraps off to be refined and recycled. 

  • Pendant 1 1/4" x 1 1/4
  • Chain Length 14" - 16"

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