I am Grateful by Mimi Ikonn


Help Children Experience the Power of Gratitude. Begin a magical journey to happiness with little ones by harnessing the power of gratitude.

I Am Grateful is a young children’s book written by Mimi Ikonn and illustrated by Vika Samsonova with the aim to help kids adopt a more positive attitude that will allow them to overcome whatever challenges life throws at them. Counting your blessings is the very essence of gratitude practice, and it’s never too early to share this experience with children, which is why I Am Grateful was designed for newborns and children alike.

The book is an invitation to set aside a few minutes every day to practice gratitude as a family and give thanks for all that you have, which can inspire happiness and optimism in children. Practicing gratitude with small children can be as simple as talking to them about the world around them and their daily routines in a positive way, such as saying: “I really enjoyed our walk in the park.” These small acts of gratitude will then encourage children to acknowledge and appreciate what they have, rather than what they don’t.

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