11/21/18 Indigo Dye Workshop with Claire Fredrick

Join us and Claire Fredrick for an engaging evening, on November 21st at 7pm, learning about the magic of Indigoferra Tinctoria, most commonly known as "indigo". 
This event will include information about the history and chemistry of the plant, how to make and sustain your very own indigo vat, and an in-depth demonstration of Japanese Shibori techniques, that students will apply to their own fabric prior to dying in the indigo vat.


All materials are provided and no experience is necessary.

Please wear shoes (you can also be in socks or barefoot) that you would paint in and bring along your creativity, openness and enthusiasm for learning.

Fabric will be approximately 30 x 30 and could make a great centerpiece on a table during the holidays, as a gift for a loved one or for you to use in whichever creative way you desire.
Claire Fredrick is an educator and textile enthusiast currently living in Oaxaca, Mexico. She is the co-founder of @WaxandWaneFiber and has been teaching indigo dying classes, all around, for almost four years. She is passionate about dying and loves to engage with others while teaching and creating.

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