7/21/19 Shamanic Drum Workshop + Peruvian Despacho Fire Ceremony


We are excited to announce this very special event to our community in and outside of Philadelphia. Join us and special guests from New Mexico, Three Trees of SoulMonicTM Sound Healing and Greta Hough of The Alchemy Wheel for a Shamanic Drum Workshop along with a Peruvian Despacho Ceremony.

Teachings of Ancient rhythms and working with intention...deepening your
connection with Source...The drum has a profound connection to our spiritual past
and our evolution. This workshop focuses on awakening the possibilities of the drum as a teacher and as a tool for healing and connecting with the sacred.

Learn and Explore:
• rhythm and vibration and the effects on the physical and energetic body
• sacred drumming for the healing of self and others
• setting intention for “releasing” and manifesting
• Ancient Shamanic drumming techniques and sacred chants
• elemental, and feminine & masculine rhythms
• clearing and balancing the Chakra system
• integrating the drum into holistic modalities and energy work
• the use of the breath to move energy
• creating balance with self, others, and nature
• the potency of the element: fire

In Shamanic tradition, an Ayni Despacho is done with intention to bring oneself and one's community into right relationship with the natural world.  It creates a sense of union, harmony, and deep reciprocity with nature. 

When we work in ceremony such as a Despacho, we work at the level of the Soul.  Similar to a mandala, the Despacho holds symbolic elements and the prayers of the participants.  It becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing

Self-Investment: $75
Date: Sun. 7/21
Time: 6pm* to approximately 9 pm
*This event will start promptly at 6pm. We ask that you please be mindful of the start time and give yourself plenty of time to be able to arrive and be settled in by 6pm.

What To Bring
Mats and Blankets will be provided.
Please bring a water bottle with water.
Native American-style Hoop drums will be provided, however, if you have a favorite drum, please feel free to bring it. 

*All Events are Non-Refundable and come with a 20% discount to the shop for in-store purchases only *


Three Trees, creator of SoulMonicTM Sound Healing, has taught Shamanic/Spiritual and Traditional/Indigenous drumming as well as making traditional Drums, Didgeridoos & Flutes for the last 19yrs. Three Trees is well-renowned for his Shamanic Sound Healing Journeys, Workshops, and Sound Healing training intensives.  He carries a rare depth of wisdom and understanding on all aspects of Sound Healing and Drum Medicine.

Greta Hough, creator of The Alchemy Wheel, Course for Teens, is an Educator, Workshop facilitator & certified Energy medicine practitioner from Philadelphia, PA. She has been in the field of education for 18 yrs. and studied at The Four Winds Society, Alberto Villoldo’s school for Energy medicine. Greta works with schools
and clients from both the East and West coast, where she offers innovative workshops and healing sessions. Greta currently resides in Santa Fe, NM.

Contact info. for Facilitators 
Three Trees, 480.748.1675
Greta Hough, 215.715.7187

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