Matt Fishman Sake Cup

$18 $36

Made by hand using the pinching method, which makes for an organic shape and subtle surface indentations. The clay used for this piece was collected in the Sierra Nevada foothills and minimally processed in small batches to allow much of the original contents of the clay to remain.

The piece was glazed with a slurry of crushed local rocks, clays, and wood ashes before being fired in a gas kiln to 2400 degrees f. The resulting work is unique in that it cannot ever be fully recreated, and is expressive of a particular place (Northern California).

Due to the handmade nature of this work, variations in form and surface will occur. The coloration on these range from white to blue/green/grey and are pleasantly earthy. The surface texture ranges from glassy to a matte stone-like finish.
Made in United States of America.

sold individually* 


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