The Qi Whole Flower Teas

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Blue Lotus has tasting notes of rich, floral, fruity, with an earthy aroma, refreshing and bold flavor with notes of anise. Revitalizing. Calming. Stress Relief

Cleanse, detox, and more with Chrysanthemum flower tea. It has a delicate fragrance, a mildly sweet, herbal flavor with notes of honey in the aftertaste. The petals of Chrysanthemum are edible. Immune boost. Metabolism boost. Heart health

The Rose has a taste of delicate fragrance, with a subtle rosy flavor and slightly tangy, fruity notes. Glowy skin and hair. Promotes Gut health and Restful sleep

Each flower is good for 2 more refills of hot water in a 6-7oz cup. 

How to: 

Pour hot water (190F) over 1 flower in a cup and use bamboo tongs to keep the flower submerged in water. Watch as the flower resurrect and enjoy the visual splendor. Infuse for a minimum of 3 minutes.

All are Naturally caffeine-free full of Antioxidants and completely vegan with Zero calories. 

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