11/24/19 - Kitchen Witchery: Intro to Culinary Herbalism with Geraldine of Suntrap Botanical


Every house needs an herbalist and every herbalist needs a cabinet stocked with Fire Cider. Join us and Suntrap Botanical’s apothecarian on Sunday, November 24th, for a workshop that explores the medicinal potential of common ingredients found in a typical kitchen.

Together, we will make Fire Cider, a tonic traditionally prepared in the Autumn and employed as a cold & flu preventative as well as a digestive and circulatory tonic. Our Fire Cider will be made with organic, local roots and fruits and steeped in raw, organic apple cider vinegar and local, raw honey.

All ingredients and materials will be included and participants will get hands on experience making Fire Cider & will take home a pint to support themselves through the seasonal transition.

Open to all who are open to learn and create,
however our workshop space is limited
so reservations must be made in advance.


Date: Sunday, November 24th
Time: 12pm-2pm
Investment in Knowledge: $40

Suntrap Botanical is an herb farm and apothecary in Brooktondale, New York with a focus on the relationship between ecological and human health. We work with the abundant plants of our region, harvesting them for herbal medicine, food, natural dye materials,  on farm building projects, and whatever else we can fit into our closed loop systems. We plant slow-growing, native medicinals and tend to soil, plants, mushrooms, and people alike.

We are two clinically trained herbalists with backgrounds in sustainable farming and the arts. We work to reunite people with their role in the eco system: not in charge, not removed, but an essential part of the natural world. This is accomplished through our education initiatives, our monthly and seasonal small-batch wellness kits, and our line of home apothecary essentials. 

Geraldine Lavin founded Suntrap Botanical in 2015. She is a passionate apothecarian and cultivator of medicinal plants. Her mission is to observe the systems of the natural world so she may recreate their efficient designs on the farm and in her life.  Geraldine's background is in art, music, and organic farming. She formally studied clinical herbalism at the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine.

To learn more about Suntrap and their products,
please visit their website at: https://www.suntrap.co/


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