5/2/20 Tarot Readings with Tasha


Our friend Tasha Goldberg will be providing Tarot readings on Saturday, May 2nd virtually, on Zoom from 12:30p til 3:30p.

During this time of reflection, a tarot reading can help provide guidance and a way to connect to your own inner wisdom. Tasha views tarot as a pathway to knowing and reads from the beautiful Mother Peace deck.

Sit in a 30-minute personal tarot reading. Or make it a full reading by selecting two 30-minute timeslots for an hour-long session.  

$50 (all reservations are non-refundable) per 30-minute session

At check-out, please leave your email address so we share the zoom meeting number with you.


Tasha has traveled the world reporting at United Nations negotiations and events on the topic of sustainable development over the last decade. With her Evidence of Hope series, she features people and projects who are addressing global challenges, successfully and that are happening right now, demonstrating the reason we should have hope for a sustainable future. She is truly a light in this world and we're so honored to have her share her wisdom with our community! 

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