9/24/21 Fall Equinox Astro Chart Readings with 8th House Astrology


We're celebrating Fall Equinox by having Alison Ormsby from 8th House Astrology here to read your natal charts! 

Alison (8th_houseastro) aims to holistically apply astrology for greater self-inquiry. She uses your specific birth chart as a map to ask questions which further specify and validate your experience, as well as provide practical tools for working with your chart in day-to-day life. She does not use this tool as a method for future prediction, rather as an opportunity for understanding, reflection, and empowerment. Readings are meant to reconnect you with yourself and your needs, find new ways to be seen, as well as provide helpful new insights by understanding your current astrological transits. By learning our gifts and challenges, we can know ourselves more deeply, and provide context to lessons we face. Through knowing and accepting ourselves, Alison believes we can more effectively love ourselves and others.

Sit in a 30-minute personal astrology chart reading. Or make it a full-hour reading by selecting two 30-minute timeslots for an hour-long session.  

$50 (all reservations are non-refundable) per 30-minute session

At check-out, in the 'notes' section please leave your birthdate, exact time of birth and city+state in which you were born. These are the elements needed at least 48 hours before your session.

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