1/8/23 Catch & Release Gathering

Title of Offering: Catch & Release

Date + Time: Sunday, January 8th from 5-7 pm at Moon and Arrow

Exchange: $68 in advance / $78 day of

Facilitated by Audra from The Body of Work Co.

Description:  As the year 2022 closes, and we move into a brand new day that is the year 2023, let us gather to reflect and catch the gold of the year, discern and learn from what we experienced and provide the ability to release it all to the wind of the future that we get to create based on all of our learnings thus far.

During our time together, Audra will guide you through breathwork and meditation to connect your physical body to your spirit body. We will inquire through question and discussion and move into the focus of the soul body by attuning to your daydreams and developing a palette to work on through the year of the future, 2023.  You will put pen to paper, work with your imagination and tangibly see the vision formulated in your mind. From there, an offering will awaken within and provide new insight and passageways for you to explore for your year ahead. 

Audra and her business, The Body of Work, focus on the whole creative process of human development. She partners with individuals and organizational visionaries to study and strategize their work in the world by focusing on all the bodies of work; the physical body, the soul body (ethereal), and the body of the spirit or ego. Audra worked alongside Moon + Arrow during their business expansion in 2019. She supported the growth and shift when they moved to their current location and is excited to be back in January.

There is no place where one part of our life ends and another begins as everything is interconnected, and therefore, The Body of Work contains it all, and Audra cannot wait to share a glimpse of this work with you on January 8th.

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