5/2/20 Meditation with Tasha


In light of connectivity, we are holding space for a donation-based Meditation. Our friend Tasha Goldberg will lead this live 40-minute Meditation virtually on Zoom. This is donation based so we invite you to donate what you can and we deeply appreciate your support.  

We acknowledge wanting privacy in your home so your audio will be turned off as you enter the meeting + you are welcome to turn your video off should you choose. 

Please 'Add Order Note' before check-out to add your email address so we share the zoom meeting number with you.


This challenge we face opens the door to new ways of connecting.... let’s face our future together. Now more than ever, Tasha is motived to share beauty through the lenses of Evidence of Hope. View her latest Evidence of Hope series: Yaeda Valley shares the beautiful story of the Hadzabe people of northern Tanzania here. She is truly a light in this world and we're so honored to have her share her wisdom with our community! 

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