6/13/19 Astrology for Personal Empowerment with Kathleen of Daughter of Wands


On June 13th join Kathleen of Daughter of Wands for a special workshop that will give you the tools you need to learn how to read and use your astrology birth chart and the language that aligns with it to decipher your chart's meaning in your life. 

This is a workshop for beginners and those interested in learning astrology from a deeper, soul centered view. In the workshop Kathleen will guide you to tie the threads together in your life for deeper trust in who you are, placing empowerment rather then fate in your hands, and to help you open up the road ahead in a clearer way.

During your time together, you will be looking at each other's birth charts to dissect them in a way that explains the basics of what everyone is looking at: signs, houses, planets, and how they all interact with one another. Next, you'll look at your information and draw our own natal charts (drawing your own chart is one the best and most fun ways to learn astrology!)  Kathleen will also talk about how you would track transits and understand how to use your natal chart in real time. She will be making time to answer all of your astrological questions such as "Where will this new moon affect me? How tough or easy will Mercury retrograde be? How can I best utilize energy to even plan out your daily everyday calendar?"

June 13th
*This ticket includes a 20% discount for day-of, in-store purchases.


Kathleen will need to have your birthdate, time of birth and
place of birth (city, state and country if outside of the U.S.) Please either include this information of the "Notes" section during purchase or email the info to by June 5th.


Kathleen has been reading tarot since she was thirteen and focuses her soul work on serving the community with tarot, plant magic, art, astrology, and her budding energy work. She combines her knowledge of the cards and her intuition as a healing medium to help guide you down your life path with clarity, perspective, and confidence. A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA), part of the lineage of Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing,  and certified in IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), and is a self taught Astrologer. Kathleen is passionate about empowering others by being your own healer. She also went to art school and has a background in Art History and Textile Design. Her practices are a weaving together of feminine history, earth medicine, and grounding ourselves in the ancestral story we are writing today.

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