6/22/21 Summer Solstice Tarot with Tasha


Inbetween the Summer Solstice and Strawberry Full Moon sit with Tasha Goldberg in a Tarot reading on Tuesday, June 22nd virtually, through Zoom from 3 PM till 8 PM.

Along the path of awareness and knowledge of self, reading tarot cards offers a moment for reflection. When we are able to wake up to the world around us, stretching our awareness beyond our individual needs, desires, and dreams…we become attuned to a world filled with beauty and poetry. Our capacity to take in everything increases our ability to connect the dots, recognizing opportunities in life where they exist, pursuing a path of healing. By reflecting on the images and stories of Motherpeace, we give ourselves an opportunity to recalibrate, to check in to see how our experience is lining up with the aspirations we may have. In the light of truth, we are free to create the world we want. 

Sit in a 30-minute personal tarot reading. Or make it a full-hour reading by selecting two 30-minute timeslots for an hour-long session.  

$50 (all reservations are non-refundable) per 30-minute session

At check-out, please leave both your phone number and email address in the "notes", so we coordinate your session with Tasha.

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