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Join us this weekend in celebrating the release of - San Francisco Bay artist and Hebrew Priestess- Rebekah Erev's release of the second edition of her Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah Deck.

"There are probably millions of little angels circling the moon. They move back and forth from the moon and the earth and other places too. They probably creep into your dreams and pat your belly in that way you want to affectionately pat your own belly. But often you don’t. You don’t even think to do it. 
In Judaism angels are feelings. Feelings are seen as helpers, as guides along a path. The moon is the time marker instead of the sun...We’re tied to the moon no matter our gender; our bodies respond to its cycles. If we pay attention, often our feelings (angels) move us along in time, in synch with the moon’s cycles. They remind us to make the moves that move us, and take the moments that take us." - Rebekah Erev

Published by Sweat & Tears Press
Printed at Inkworks Press
Berkeley, CA. 2014/5775