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Ritualizing & Welcoming In Spring with Tasha Goldberg 3/28

Join Tasha Goldberg on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 7pm for an intimate evening of honoring the new season. It will be an evening steeped in the beauty of the turning of tides to spring as we create a ritual that is inspired by the tradition of Ho’oponopono (the practice of reconciliation and forgiveness) from Hawai’i, Yoga Nidra meditation from Tantric principles and Motherpeace tarot as tools for reflection and clarity. This ritual will also help to inspire you to create new rituals or to deepen existing practices.

As Spring begins to reveal itself, we often feel a natural urge to begin cleaning and clearing, both literally and metaphorically, to make room for the merging of our own new garden. And this is a great time to do so.

 Stand in your own power, and feel the support of being recognized for doing so.

Do not worry if you feel shy about being part of a group, or are new to participating in ritual. The evening’s ritual will be shaped with modesty, bringing us together to create space to do personal work. We will actively engage in exercises simultaneously, but in the privacy of our own experience.

There will be two journaling exercises, yoga-nidra meditation, circulating your own prana, our own healing energy through breath and rotation of consciousness, as well as through guided visualization


Each person will leave the evening enriched from experiencing the exercises we will do, as well as having gained a new set of tools for continuing engagement.

You will be gifted a guide for continuing these practices that will include:

·      A recording of a guided meditation based on Yoga Nidra

·      Several scripts to use to help you record your own voice for guided meditations

·      Reference materials to continue study of Motherpeace tarot

·      Step by step guide to utilizing the Ho’oponopono tradition in self-exploration

·      A curated selection of flower essences will be made available for additional purchase


Space must be reserved in advance, and you may do so by clicking the image/ticket link below.