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Wild Abundance: A Foraged Bitters Session w Heather McMonnies & Jack Falkenbach

Spring is out there, we can smell it, but our winter-woods still straddle the season. Bare trees in stark contrast to the bloom of green we trust to burst. You know that day. When you notice, with surprise, that the whole colorfield has emerged, emerald. 

On Sunday, March 18th, join Heather McMonnies of Food Hedge & Jack Falkenbach of Philadelphia Distilling for a foraged bitters making session that champions the true root and evergreen of wild Penna. flavor. 

Wild abundance is all around you. We’ll teach you where to look & what to do with what you find, seasonally. How to relish the hunt for ingredients & distill a taste of that foray to revive in cooking & cocktails. Folks will leave with a bottle of their own creation & inspired recipes. 

$50 per person*
All materials will be provided.
Please bring your openness and creative spirit.

*Sessions & Workshops come with a 10% in-store discount. Sessions & Workshops are non-refundable at this time. We try our best to honor the time, energy and cost output of the facilitators that share space with us and hold space for us. 

Space is limited and must be reserved in advance. If you would like to reserve your space, please click on the ticket link (image) below.
Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us.