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Embodying the Feminine in Masculine Systems with Rina Patel

Balancing the feminine and masculine within takes constant effort and can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. What would it look like to step more into our feminine and nurture ourselves and those around us regardless of the type of environment we are in? In this workshop, led by Rina Patel, we will explore tangible steps to nurture both the masculine and feminine while also paying special attention to ways you can embody the feminine in your life and the spaces around you. We will also have an open dialogue around how we can continue to allow feminine energy to flourish within our economic, political, and educational systems. 

The workshop will start promptly at 7pm

Space must be reserved in advance. To purchase tickets please click on the image/ticket link below the bio.

Rina G. Patel is a speaker, writer, coach, and entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of The Thinkers Global, an initiative whose mission is to create the next generation of leaders who live life by their own design and radically transform our world's systems. Inspired by the three years she spent traveling around globe learning from inspirational leaders and searching for meaning in her own life, Rina now helps others step into their courageous, most authentic self to live the lives they feel called to live. She believes in allowing our deeper selves to be a vehicle for transformational and systematic change in our lives, relationships, communities, and ultimately, the world. 

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