As Thanksgiving approaches, we remain mindful of the land we are occupying and the myths surrounding this holiday. Therefore, we are working to celebrate and educate ourselves about issues facing Indigenous communities in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. In support of this, we will donate a percentage of our profits from 11/22-11/24 to Indigenous Peoples Day Philadelphia.

IPD’s vision is to counter the Indigenous historical erasure—the deliberate and systematic destruction of Native cultures and violent displacement of Native peoples to this day. IPD organizes powerful and multifaceted initiatives like their annual Indigenous Peoples Day Philly at Shackamaxon. It is an initiative centered around the lived, hyper-present experiences of the Lenni-Lenape today—whose traditional homeland is where Philadelphia now stands—as well as the affairs of the Taino (Indigenous Caribbean) and other Native-American/Indigenous communities living in the region.

Throughout the year, the IPD organization and community network share relevant resources and informative news articles focused on Indigenous issues. They are at the forefront of conversations regarding Indigenous sovereignty, immigration, and environmental justice. They have cultivated a substantial presence in Philadelphia and have successfully connected with Indigenous people living in other regions throughout the Americas and worldwide.

We encourage you to learn more about issues facing Indigenous peoples in America and offer your support.