12/18/21 Inner Light Aura Portrait Workshop


Join us on December 18th from 11 am to 6 pm at Moon+Arrow for our Winter Solstice celebration. We are hosting Sara of Inner Light Aura for aura portraits. The winter solstice happens when the earth's axis tilts away from the sun, making it the shortest day and longest night of the year for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. The winter solstice is a reminder to honor our connection to the natural world, to be grateful for the light in our lives, and find peace in the dark. 

Inner Light Aura is an analog film practice that captures your unique and raw energy through a special camera designed in the 1970s. The double-exposure photography method reveals your vibrant energy in a technicolor Polaroid within minutes. When purchasing a portrait with Sarah you also receive an exclusive reading detailing what your energy means.

Your Aura is your own personal human energy field that presents itself in colors that the naked eye cannot see. We all omit unique vibes to the universe and your aura encapsulates them. It is what draws or repels people around you. Your aura is how you fit into the magnificent universe. 

Who is Sara Silverstein of Inner Light Aura? She is a dynamic soul who has lived a few lifetimes in one and she is excited to combine the spiritual realm with her creative side for an insightful experience. She went on to receive a degree in Photography while she lived in New York City and worked in the field for years. She discovered her love for aura photography in NYC with her best friend and became hooked on studying energy! Learn more about Sara in our blog.

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