5th Dimension Bodywork Oil


Local herbalist 5th Dimension's Bodywork Oil is a multi-purpose oil that holistically supports skin and body. Think of it as a therapeutic addition to your body care routine. The three prongs of Bodywork’s benefits can be traced to the three main botanical extracts: Calendula, Violet, Yarrow.

Let’s first look at the synergistic benefits of this oil before diving into the botanical elements.

Bodywork oil is lymph moving, skin conditioning, and deep tissue softening. These three main benefits mean bodywork not only supports softer skin, but it supports our immune system and restoration of sore muscles. All of which can promote a more relaxed, grounded sense of self. Cultivating ease within our bodies with an herbal touch is a radical form of self care, truly.

Calendula: Applied topically, this herb is vulnerary (wound reparative) and emollient (tissue softening). Calendula moves lymph fluid through the body, which can prevent inflammation from spreading. Helpful for bruises, insect bites & other topical irritations. Calendula pairs well with Gua Sha to soften break down tissue. This herb is often associated with chest and breast tissue, as it has a propensity for moving build up through that region. A favorite for easing chronic dry skin conditions, chronic inflammatory skin conditions and seasonal or cyclical inflammation.

Violet: A cooling, soothing herb known for its ability to soften hardness. Applied topically, Violet soothes inflammation associated with congested lymph nodes. Violet provides relief to irritated areas such as wounds & stings. softening. A notable use of a Violet is often for its ability to relieve discomfort associated with swollen breast or chest tissue, and well as softening hardened tissues within that region. On a personal note, I apply this oil to swollen glands at the site of a cold or sore throat for swift soothing of discomfort.

Yarrow: This herb is reparative to tissue states, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Traditionally used in battle to heal wounds, Yarrow helps tone the circulatory system. The dual action of Yarrow is one of the reasons I love studying plants- it can stop excessive blood flow and it can assist in moving stagnant blood- all depending on what the body needs. Yarrow is a strong plant but our oil extraction is a gentler form of the plant, making it a suitable addition to your skincare routine. It helps relieve pain in the body and reduce wound recovering time. This is a supporting herb in our formula to enhance anti-inflammatory and reparative actions of the Bodywork Oil.

To Use: 

Pair with your Fua She tool for the ultimate lymphatic massage. Rub into skin from limbs inward toward heart for full-body lymph message. Move in a circular motion around chest and underarms for chest massage. Use in partner massage for increased muscle relief. 

Topical us only. 


sunflower (helianthus annuus) oil*, calendula officinalis*, violet (viola sororia), yarrow (achillea millefolium)*, rosemary (rosmarinus offcinalis) leaf extract*

*organic locally harvested 

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