5th Dimension Radiant Rose Mask


Local herbalist 5th Dimension, has created our favorite new radiant face mask!

An antioxidant rich detoxifying mask that naturally nourishes, aids in cell turnover, reduces inflammation, and tones skin while deep cleaning pores.

This is a dry mask, allowing you to mix per use with a hydrating ingredient of your choosing. This mask should be used 1-2x monthly to decongest pores. This container holds 8-10 face masks.

Suggested Use:

In a clean container, mix 1 part mask to 1 part liquid. Use water, honey, rose hydrosol, or face toner of your choosing.  Apply to clean skin with a clean dry brush or clean hands. Let sit 5 minutes, remove with warm water & a clean wash cloth. Cleanse skin & complete routine as normal.

Keep contents of container dry. Never mix mask in the container, as adding moisture to the dry mask can trap unwanted bacteria and shorten shelf life. Always tightly apply lid to mask container after use.

How it Works:

Kaolin Clay- pulls impurities from the skin to minimize visible inflammation from environmental stressors.

Rose- promotes cell regeneration, astringent and regulates oil production, all while balancing skin's PH to create a healthier skin biome. 

Rosehip- a vitamin C dense herbal powder that supports collagen production while feeding your skin Omega fatty acids.

Hibiscus- antioxidant dense herb that supports a fresh and firm complexion. the alpha hydroxy acids in hibiscus help to exfoliate skin, while supporting cell turnover


Kaolin Clay, Rose Kaolin Clay, Oat Flour, Rose*, Hibiscus*, Rosehip*


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