7/22/19 Summer Herb Painting Workshop with Erin Eillis


Summer is a time when we are surrounded by greenery but how closely do we examine the plants around us– trees in the park, flower boxes on the street, herbs in our own kitchens? We wanted to create time and space to come relax with community and fragrant herbs, cool off and paint in the A/C.  

In this workshop, we will paint (no experience required) from fresh herbs using watercolor ink and brush to explore the shape, color, and form of our subject matter. Through a series of simple techniques for understanding the herbs' basic shapes and botanical structure, we will create a collection of specimens on watercolor paper. Monochromatic color palettes will also be addressed. The series of exercises will culminate into a fully realized, 11x14 painting on high quality watercolor paper.

We will also close with some tips for tying up our herbs for drying and use at home. 

All skill levels are welcome. Please arrive with a willingness to explore your own creative abilities and expectations in a mindful and gentle way. This could be a lovely shared experience to explore creatively with a friend or loved one who enjoys getting to know their plants a little better.

Date: July 22
Start Time: 6:30pm*
This workshop will between 2.5 and 3 hours long
Cost: $40
(includes all materials needed)

*All Event Tickets are Non-Refundable.
Ticket purchases come with a 20% discount to the shop for in-store purchases only *

**Please be mindful of this start time and give yourself plenty of time to get to M+A and to get settled in so that Erin can start promptly at 6:30pm**

Students will leave with a finished watercolor painting as well as a bundle of fresh herbs to dry and use at home. 

Erin Ellis is an award-winning lettering artist and illustrator based in New Jersey. She fell in love with greenery, colored glass, dappled light, and watercolors while living in New Zealand. Her flair for color, texture, and organic form translates to her expressive lettering and illustrations. Her work can be seen, among other places, on issue #3 (May) of Good Company Magazine, and on Instagram at @leavesandletterforms. Erin is also one of the makers at Moon+Arrow.

We find that our workshops are fun to do 
with friends old and new, 
and are a great way to 
connect and create with a like-minded community.
- Moon + Arrow

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