Rune-Jakobsen Design 8.3" pepper grinder


Our elegant Rune-Jakobsen Design 8.3" Pepper Grinder is a luxurious brass structure, complete with both salt and pepper, as well as other dried spices such as cumin, cilantro, and cardamom. Boasting a 20.5 cm and 23 cm height, with a 4 cm diameter, its stunning chisellings and imprints highlight its premium quality. With a wall thickness of 1 mm and a solid cast mill, it finely grinds spices with ease. Weighting between 520-570 grams, the grinder is solid and pleasant to use. Please note, the handle must be attached after loading. The three-piece mill directs the pepper grain into the plant before grinding it to a fine powder with minimal effort, enabling you to bring out the best flavor from all of your seasonings.


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