9/24 + 9/25 45min Tarot Session with Nicole Goicuria


Join us on 9/24 and 9/25 for a 45-minute guided tarot session with Nicole Giocuria of The Astral Botanica. Purchase your time slot, fill out a quick survey beforehand and meet with Nicole for 45 minutes of self-exploration.

Nicole is also a practicing therapist living in Philadelphia. She has over 15 years of clinical experience as an art psychotherapist trained in trauma therapy and CBT. Nicole uses the language and symbolism of Astrology and Tarot to deeper explore the many facets of the self with spiritual and therapeutic guidance. 

"Far from fortune telling, this therapeutic Tarot session will use a collaborative method to process anywhere you are in life. We will use the mystical symbolism and language of the Tarot and its esoteric relationship to Astrology as a therapeutic tool for deeper introspection to help you gain increased clarity and tap into your potential for the new season ahead. My approach to this classic tarot spread is infused with knowledge of the astrological modes, elements, planets, signs and their relationship to the cards, the issue at hand, and your unique Astrological profile. This creates a more individualized and in-depth reading that can help us to process the past, orient us to the energy of the present moment, and provide inspiration on how to best move into the future."


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