9/26/20 Equinox Tarot with Tasha


In celebration of the change of season, Tasha Goldberg will be providing Tarot readings on Saturday, September 26th virtually, through Facetime from 12 PM till 4 PM.

The Fall Equinox invites us to recognize the natural cycles that we exist within. Ritual marks the moments we want to celebrate. The act of engaging in ritual helps us slow down and take the time to appreciate what is happening around us, and to reflect on ourselves amid these events. Following the lead of the turning of seasons, tarot sessions support us to deepen our knowledge of self, release what is no longer needed in our journey, and call in the support and resources to help us fulfill our highest potential.

Sit in a 30-minute personal tarot reading. Or make it a full reading by selecting two 30-minute timeslots for an hour-long session.  

$50 (all reservations are non-refundable) per 30-minute session

At check-out, please leave both your phone number and email address, so we coordinate your session with Tasha.

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