9/26/21 Fall Equinox Tarot with Tasha


The Fall Equinox asks us what it is we would like to carry from the summer into the winter. As we dry our flowers for teas or prepare canned foods for the winter…. We can also take stock of our thoughts and patterns.

What is it of ourselves we wish to preserve and have available for drops or reminders in our own winter? How can our abundance inspire us to use or value everything and waste nothing? And how can we be grateful as we take stock of this abundance?

The world we are all a part of demands that we gain knowledge of ourselves, find our superpower and apply it to add our light. Tarot is a great way to slow down, take time to reflect, and nurture growth.

Sit in a 30-minute personal tarot reading with our friend, Tasha Goldberg. Or make it a full-hour reading by selecting two 30-minute timeslots for an hour-long session.  

$50 (all reservations are non-refundable) per 30-minute session

At check-out, please leave both your phone number and email address in the "notes", so we coordinate your session with Tasha.

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