9/7/19 Receive & Learn to Give a ROSE Healing Ceremony with Koa Mikaelah


Please read all of the way through for important information regarding what you must bring to the workshop.

Join us with Koa Mikaelah as we gather in ceremony to journey into the heart space. This ceremony will open with a traditional opening circle + intention setting around the community altar, followed by guidance from mama cacao + healing with roses. As we intentionally share cacao, Koa will guide you through traditional healing medicine songs, supporting your journey into the heart. Cacao is a gentle healer, carrying the vibration of Pachamama, who guides you into the inner world to stand as a witness to your life path, reminding you that you are held + of your interconnectedness to all beings.

Following the cacao, we will ground with light movement + an herbal smudge as we prepare our bodies for a heart nourishing rose healing ceremony. Healing with roses is an ancient modality rooted in the Divine Feminine and is native to Mexico. Roses carry the highest frequency on Earth vibrating at 320 MHz and they are known to heal ailments of the heart, body, mind, and soul. A symbol of the Divine Feminine, the Mother, and in Mexico directly tied to la Virgen De Guadalupe, roses work similarly to reiki, where their gentle vibration heals through nurture + support. 

This modality was passed down with permission to share by Grandmother Marika, Native Mescalero Apache Elder + Curandera to Koa Mikaelah and she is filled with gratitude to share this with you all.

Each attendee will learn how to give and receive a rose healing ceremony. IMPORTANT: Please bring one dozen roses to the event. It is VERY important that each attendee choose their own dozen of roses. You may also bring something to place on the altar if you so wish and your own mug for cacao. Additionally, attendees who wish to share a song, poem, or offering during the opening circle may do so.

Saturday, September 7th at 4pm
Self-Care Investment: $40
- All Event/Workshop Tickets are Non-Refundable.
- Ticket purchase comes with a 20% discount for in-store purchases only *

BIOGRAPHY Koa Mikaelah is a third generation medicine woman of Venezuelan + Cuban descent. Birthed into a long lineage of curanderas from South America and a raised Spiritist, the healing arts community has been a home for Koa since the day she was born. She combines her latinx earth medicine roots with her studies of healing modalities from around the world to curate deep + beautiful healing ceremonies around the US. To learn more about Mikaelah and her work please visit: www.heliosandsolene.com and on Instagram at @koa.mikaelah and @heliosandsolene

If you have any questions regarding this or any other workshop in the Moon Room, please feel free to reach out to JC at events@moonandarrow.com


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