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All About Tarot Workshop with Tasha Goldberg 4/25


We are happy to present this special Fundamentals of Tarot Class with Tasha Goldberg.

Wednesday, April 25th from 7pm-9:30pm

Tasha views tarot as a pathway to knowing. Tarot can be a type of meditation, a window to reflection. In this workshop you will learn the language of tarot to unlock mysteries, building a foundation of knowledge of self. As we heal ourselves and become self-aware, we are most able to contribute to the world we want.

Included in costs, each student will receive:

· Tarot School

· Motherpeace Tarot Deck - This is an option. You may take just the workshop without purchasing a deck and are welcome to bring your own. If you choose the option to purchase both the workshop and deck, you will be receiving a special discount on the deck itself.

· Palo santo stick

· List of resources

· Outline to practice

The class will center on:

· Creating a Sacred Space / Holding Space

· Learning the language of Tarot

· Building Bridges

· Releasing

To close the workshop, Tasha will instruct and guide everyone to bring back the energy they shared and release through the ring of fire visualization.

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