Bon Temps Tea


"We made our teas the cleanest & safest in the world, so you don’t have to worry about what's in your cup. We use fresh, organic ingredients, and corn-fiber tea bags to avoid pesticides, bleaches, artificial flavors, and GMOs."

White Tea: Their best seller. This blend tastes and smells like a rose garden. Watch the rose petals bloom in your cup, then chill out with this incredible white tea. Tasting Notes: Roses in Bloom

Chamomile: This heavenly Chamomile is laced with a heavy dose of lavender to deepen slumber. Tasting Notes: Lavender!!

Ginger Tea: An herbaceous herbal tea with big flavor. Goji berries, lemongrass, and ginger combine for a hydrating sip packed with antioxidants. Tasting Notes: Goji & Ginger

Black Tea: A robust, floral black tea. Gets the creative juices flowing while maintaining balanced energy. Tasting Notes: Robust & Floral

Green: A mellow, earthy Green that sharpens thinking and gives a balanced energy lift.  Tasting Notes: Mellow & Earthy

Pu'erh: The ultimate coffee replacement. Big energy without the jitters - this fermented tea has an earthy, epic flavor but sips super smooth. Tasting Notes: Earthy & Epic.

Chai: The best Chai you’ll ever have. Fragrant & spicy, with a solid kick of cinnamon.  Tasting Notes: Spicy & Fragrant

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