Kerzon Eau de parfum

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Musk: Love is an epidermal tale and the first memory of it is a skin: silky, velvety, insolent ivory tones. To reconstitute its sweet softness: a cocktail of mild Musks, slightly ambered, which flirts with a note of Tabacco to express a certain mellow animality.

Mimosa: This cologne flatters contemporary tastes for lightness while perpetuating the on-skin pleasure thanks to a surprising note of Mimosa. This splash of bliss, overflowing with fantasy, succeeds in balancing the languor of citrus fruits with several well-chosen discords.

Keriver: The mystical aroma of the temple, lost in the heart of lush humid vegetation whose discovery symbolized the first day of the rest of his life. The energizing alchemy of a fresh, lightly spiced, likable "Eau" that develops a stream of infinite sensations on salty skin.

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