Eco Collective Sunshine Oil


Sunshine Oil with jasmine and orange blossom to nourish your skin and hair. Made with deluxe organic oils to balance your natural oil production levels, clear breakouts and smooth complexion. Packed with vitamin E and rosehip oil to stimulate collagen production for smooth, clear, radiant skin. Adds shine to your hair and promotes scalp health and hair growth. A refreshing scent that's light, sunny, and floral, and each ingredient is carefully selected to hydrate and smooth.

Starring: * Meadowfoam seed oil helps to clear breakouts, smooth texture and reduce acne and oil production * Jojoba and castor oil boost the elasticity of your skin, plump, and moisturize for a smoothing effect * Rosehip oil offers a natural source of retinol  * Moringa oil reduces the appearance of dark circles and pigmentation * Vetiver for scalp health and hair growth * Jasmine and orange blossom encourage collagen production and cell regeneration for smooth and glowing skin This blend is 100% organic and made in small batches.

sold individually 

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