Ekone Habanero Smoked Oysters


Ekone Habanero Smoked Oysters are a luxurious Pacific Northwest delicacy, born from the fruitful waters of Willapa Bay in Washington State. Our oysters are grown on our farm and harvested fresh with the utmost care, and then taken to our cannery and brined before being placed on stainless steel racks and smoked with fragrant maple chips. Our method of cultivating these succulent shellfish is unrivaled, the long-line process enabling us to guarantee a clean and sand-free product that is truly an indulgence. Then comes the added zing of two Habanero sauces, to create a fiery snack. Our 3-ounce oysters are made with natural ingredients and have a shelf-life of up to four years. Ekone Oyster Company honors the active Good Spirit that enriches Willapa Bay, a coastal ecosystem of unparalleled abundance and clarity. We have been family-run for over 35 years, creating local and sustainable seafood with a commitment to quality.


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